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"STATE OF THE ART" Machines deployed to undertake complex Machining cycles on typical material specifications of high sensitive Aluminium, Magnesium etc to hardened Material Machining for both Fe/NFe.

Our "MACHINING POLICY" is evolved from our basic vision to deploy the best machines on par with global standards in order to accomplish the desired results and stupendous tasks in changing economic scenario. We have the best globally renowned machines manufacturer's from countries like USA, GERMANY, JAPAN etc. We consistently augment our capacity adding latest High Speed Machines, Tool Holder's, Toolings, Rotary Joints etc, and investing on Technologies in line with Global Manufacturing Trends.

We control our shop floor and stay Organised by establishing enterprises model solution based work instructions, Job schedules, Tool lists, set up sheets, CAD files, best manufacturing practices, ISO 900x Process Six Sigma process machine safety instructions & human resources records Complementing our Manufacturing activity.


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