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Solid Modeling and Solid Surfacing

We at Trident Engineering Serve three distinct Parameters of Design, Modelling, Manufacturing, Modelling and NC Programming Seamlessly Integrating CAD and CAM end to end Streamlining transfer of files between these 3 Functions.

Primarily "Data Integration" is a typical ability to share Part Models (Common Data Files/Common Databases) which is common in CAD/CAM/CAE applications to integrate by exporting/importing in Neutral Formats. Secondly, different Modules of Software have common look to reduce the Learning Curve for Common user of different Models which also we Specialize and Update frequently which is popularly known as "Interface Integration" Quoting "Application Integration" where different Software Modules work together for a Single User in a single Platforms using OLE Technology (Object Linking & Embedding) where we work with 2 different Programs to work together appearing Similar to the user and Object Linking & Embedded (OLE) Technology with Strong associativity between CAM & CAD Models leading to concurrent Engineering environments.

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